download the new Talking Arch

New and updated downloads of Talking Arch will be added here as they become available. The current release of the speakup live image can be found here: tarch 2019.06.22 (x86_64).


You can download the gpg signature here: tarch 2019.06.22 signature. Receive the key via key id 8FC8422653D562E15523260F8B61C30FCF485D73 (gpg –recv-keys 8FC8422653D562E15523260F8B61C30FCF485D73). Verify the signature once you’ve imported the key with gpg –verify tarch-2019.06.22-x86_64.iso.sig tarch-2019.06.22-x86_64.iso.

Checksums are (md5) 9ca03255a55ec7af0edcb089d8e152f2
and (sha512) b9bc3888eea096d4c0afc6831e73921403abb42a3b0dcb47acd2e25f3152d2e11f3e4590e32cd05566ba1b985f21e184c4affaba48310b6e5d9065d5c79d3dad.
(verify with md5sum tarch-2019.06.22-x86_64.iso or sha512sum tarch-2019.06.22-x86_64.iso) and make sure it matches.