Announcing the new talking arch!

The talking arch  project was originally created and maintained by Chris Brannon for many years. When Chris  switched to another linux distro, the project was given off to another maintainer.


The talking arch project has currently not been brought up to date and current as of last year, so Deedra Waters and Michael Taboada Have decided to fork the talking arch project and make it current with the current Archlinux live media and create a generic talking arch live media so those who still use talking arch or have need of it  will have a more current  media to use.


Here’s where the fork begins  in a word, We would like to expand on the talking arch live media and add many things to it.


* keep a generic talking arch live media going for those who just want a talking arch install.

* add a second generic talking arch live media for those who wish to use the fenrir screenreader over the speakup screenreader which is currently what talking arch supports.

*We want to take talking arch even further! We plan to keep  those live media isos for those who want them but we also want to create another set of media that adds many things that other users who are blind will find useful.


* admin tools for those who are system administrators who are blind and require things  that most  rescue cds would provide networking tools, admin tools of various things,  package installers for distros such as debian and others.


If there are folks who would like to see things or tools  included that we haven’t thought of we’re taking ideas so submit them in the comments section.

for questions, thoughts ideas  and such  add them to the comments

you can also reach Deedra Waters at deedra at

you can reach Michael Taboada at michael at


Visit our irc channel on freenode at #tarch